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pokerstars vpp calculator

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MiniVppTimer - VPP Calculator for PokerStars. It is a program for real time VPPs (VIP Player Points) calculation that you earned in playing session on PokerStars. Also it allows you to control how many hands you dealt. In PokerStars cash games, you earn VPPs based on the 'rake' taken from each hand ...
As part of PokerStars' upcoming VIP Club changes, all Frequent Player Points (FPPs) will be converted to the site's new virtual currency StarsCoin at a rate of 1.2 StarsCoin per FPP. The changes are slated to go into effect on January 1. For some players (primarily casual players), the conversion will ... Click to Play! pokerstars vpp calculator


The PokerStars Rakeback Calculator | casinos-bonus.win - YouTube

Playing tournaments, the tourney-lobby shows the VPP's you earn. In cash games the amount of VPP's are calculated based on your share in the pot.... no matter you win or lose the hand, the amount you get will remain the same. In the link you can see how many starcoins you get by earning VPP's:
The VIP Club point calculator is like a PokerStars Rakeback calculator. As PokerStars does not offer rakeback but a rakeback equivalent program called the VIP Club. The VIP Club uses a points system and VIP points can be exchanged for cash. PokerStars has more poker players than any other site on the planet this is a ...

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Thanks for the posts guys, taking a look at it now trying not to get overwhelmed. I am trying to mess with the calculator now. Just a test example if I am trying to achieve 10000 VPP as a current silverstar I enter 1.5 for the FPP value correct? Here is the output. FPPs: $34,114.50 (22743 FPPs @ $1.5 per FPP)
Most players probably won't remember this, but at this point PokerStars did not have a VIP club or the famous Sunday majors. All of this came in 2006, when the Sunday Million was launched and five billion hands were dealt. The VIP store was now open for business with a wide selection of clothes, electronics and even a ...
Hi I am using the stat New stars VPP in my reports for finding out how many vpps I have earned during a certain timeframe. However I am finding it to.
Use the PokerStars VIP calculator to work out which level you are/will be playing at. Note: These are rough rakeback estimations based on my calculations as outlined below. However, I believe that they are very close to the actual percentage of effective rakeback you would receive for your play at PokerStars.

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Stevie8: Has anybody ever used the VPP calculator on pokerstars.eu ? I want to estimate if I can earn PlatinumStar level next month but i doubt its'
http://www.pokerstars.com/vip/calculator/ has anyone ever used this with any accuracy? I just emailed stars a simple question regarding my per SNG FPP/
With this change, there is no longer any difference from PokerStars vs Full Tilt poker. Rewards Overview. Rewards Chests; Rakeback Calculator. Supernova VIP. VIP Levels; Supernova Elite; Supernova vs Stars Rewards. Future of Poker Rewards? Traditional Rewards; Rewarding Depositors; Is This Legal ...
Plan your own VPP goals - http://www.rakeback.com/pokerstars/rakeback-calculator/ (0:00) The rakeback.

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RakeFreeze | Poker Rakeback

Rakeback Calculator Provides a rough estimate of your rakeback.
Poker room fees not taken into account.
Included in cashback calculations Bonuses deducted?
Multi-Table Capabilities Yes Payment Method VPPs can be exchanged in the VPP store Rake Calculation Method Included in cashback calculations - Rake per person is the total rake divided proportionally by your actual contribution to the pot Support Details Email: The Poker Stars VIP Club - How it All works.
The maximum you can get on Stars from 1st Jan 2016 will be 30% Rakeback And that's if you're a high volume player.
Uninstall Software and Clear Cookies Make sure you follow step 1 and 2 below to be sure that your new rakeback account for PokerStars is properly set up.
This will remove any cookies from PokerStars or other affiliates from your computer.
This is important as such cookies can disrupt tracking of your rakeback.
The rakeback deals you have at other poker rooms will NOT be affected by following these steps.
Click on the " Download" button to the right to start.
You'll be taken to the PokerStars website to download pokerstars vpp calculator poker software and create a new Pokerstars vpp calculator account.
The next step pokerstars vpp calculator to click the 'Create New Account' button.
It is IMPORTANT that you do this to be certain that you are check this out to us and receive your rakeback correctly.
Finally click 'SIGN ME More info />Send us your poker details Enter your PokerStars details below, then complete Step 4 to create your rakeback account or login if you already have one.
Please remember to return to this page and send us your PokerStars details in step 4 of our signup instructions.
If you're an online poker player read article back the cash now!
Rakeback paid directly to your online poker account.
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